Designed for competition use only - not to be used on a public highway 

With it's unique re-styled fairing,throttle restrictor, off road knobbly tyres with front and rear suspension it is a big improvement on the original version. 

NOTE: Quad comes with Silver Hubs not Red Hubs & All Frames are Black


  • 49cc 2-stroke air cooled engine,
  • 2.5kw at 8700rpm
  • Rear Disk Brake
  • Net weight 29kg
  • Carrying capacity 95kg
  • Dimensions:1000mm length, 590mm width, 630mm height
  • Suitable for over 14 years only
  • Designed for competition use only - not to be used on a public highway


    All motorbike’s and quad-bikes, are dangerous. Please wear safety equipment at all times when using bikes or similar machines. The use of any powered vehicle could involve the risk of injury or death. Please use these products in a responsible manner. The products that we supply are technical & mechanical products, which require mechanical knowledge and skill to use and maintain. You should not purchase our products unless you have a good understanding of how to use and maintain mechanical products. None of the bikes we provide are 'road legal' and are not for use on the public highway. These bikes are intended to be enjoyed on private property. Use of these bikes on a public highway could result in criminal proceedings. The Following parts are not covered by any warranty offered on our Products: Chains & Belts; Fairings/ bodywork (24 hours after delivery Photos required)Pull Starts or Inner Cogs; rake Callipers;Clutches or springsExhaust Pipes;Tyres, Wheels, valves and nner Tubes;Spark Plugs;Any other parts of a similar wear and tear nature to those listed above and
    Any part that has been damaged as a result of accident damage or lack of maintenance.If within any warranty period your machine develops a fault, you must contact us and we will:Advise how to best rectify the problem and dispatch parts, without charge, during the first 14 days, providing the parts required are under warranty. Please note customers will be expected to fit parts themselves, guidance will be available on technical issues.


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