Kazuma Falcon 150cc Quad

This Quad Bike has an awesome 4 Stroke Engine, and anyone who’s in the know will recognize this to be one of the easiest and reliable engines around.


Reliable and powerful, the Falcon 150 is suited perfectly to both teenagers and adult riders.

The Falcon 150 flaunts a powerful, reliable Kazuma 150cc engine combined with modern sports styling and a robust fully automatic CVT gearbox complete with reverse. A great medium sized quad for leisure users, with all of the quality hallmarks you'd expect of a genuine Kazuma.

Kazuma have definitely not held back on the specification, with its fully auto gearbox there is no gear changing or clutch required, just thumb throttle and go. With a handy gear read-out display (Forward and Reverse) riders find that this versatile quad is unbelievably simple to ride. The Falcon 150 also boasts a reverse gear, which is easily selected by way of a simple to use lever control, to make sure that riders can always maneuver out of those tight spots! But whether you're going forwards or backwards, the Falcon 150 is the real deal.

The front dual a-arm suspension keeps the ride smooth while the strong seam welded chassis delivers the robustness that is required for off road use. The Falcon 150 also boasts an electric start with key switch, front twin headlamps, 12v horn and automatic choke. No need to mess around with changing the choke settings - this will do it for you! The brakes are up to speed too: front and rear hydraulic disc brakes.

As with all genuine Kazumas, the Falcon carries a fully restrictable throttle, allowing the speed to be set to a minimum until the rider's proficiency and confidence has developed. Throw in a chain / disc guard, exhaust heat shield, front bumper and parking brake, and the Falcon 150 quad bike is not only superbly equipped; it is also safe.

  • 150cc 4-stroke engine (149.6cc engine displacement)
  • Fully auto CVT gearbox with reverse
  • LED gear position read-out (D / R)
  • Front twin headlamps
  • Electric start with keys
  • Fully independent front dual A-arm suspension
  • Large off-road tyres
  • Front and rear disc brakes
  • 110kg max rider weight
  • 59" length, 36" width, 31" seat height.
  • Fully restrictable throttle
  • Quiet 4-stroke engine with muffler
  • Takes standard car oil (10W/40) - easy to maintain
  • Flared Raptor style body panels
  • 6 month parts and labour warranty
  • 37mph top speed, weight dependant
  • 4.5L fuel tank capacity
  • £1199.00
  • All motorbike’s and quad-bikes, are dangerous. Please wear safety equipment at all times when using bikes or similar machines. The use of any powered vehicle could involve the risk of injury or death. Please use these products in a responsible manner.The products that we supply are technical & mechanical products, which require mechanical knowledge and skill to use and maintain. You should not purchase our products unless you have a good understanding of how to use and maintain mechanical products. None of the bikes we provide are 'road legal' and are not for use on the public highway. These bikes are intended to be enjoyed on private property. Use of these bikes on a public highway could result in criminal proceedings.The Following parts are not covered by any warranty offered on our Products: Chains & Belts; Batteries Fairings/ bodywork (24 hours after delivery Photos required) Pull Starts or Inner Cogs; Clutches or springs Brake Calipers; Exhaust Pipes; Tyres, Wheels, valves and Inner Tubes; Spark Plugs; Any other parts of a similar wear and tear nature to those listed above and  Any part that has been damaged as a result of accident damage or lack of maintenance. Warranty is Parts Only with exception of the above and parts will be delivered via the royal mail network Should you need parts for your bike please contact us and we will discuss how to best rectify the problem and dispatch parts, without charge, during the first 3 Months, providing the parts required are under warranty.  Any Damage should be signed for at time of delivery however we deliver these quads via a pallet network and rarely have damage on delivery. In the unfortunate event of damage on delivery Please sign for the goods as damaged and contact us with what the damage is within 24 hours of signature. We will then send you any part that has been damaged in transit. Where bikes are assembled in our warehouse we ask all all customers to check nuts and bolts before the use of these quads as they do not come ready built.  Please note customers will be expected to fit parts themselves, guidance will be available on technical issues. 


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