For a streetwise look, this high quality, stylish and eye catching street bike appears to be a far bigger capacity machine than it is. 

The KR is one of the largest sports bikes in its class, with a real physical presence on the road.  With aerodynamic fairing, raked screen,  twin headlights,  five spoke alloy wheels, sculpted tank, bright paintwork and the comfortable semi-prone riding position, it definitely delivers a super sports illusion for today's image conscious rider.

 Efficient 4 Stroke Engine. 5 Speed Gearbox
The KR Sport has a four-stroke, single cylinder air-cooled engine. With a maximum speed of 65mph and a maximum torque of 9.9Nm at 8000rpm it is safe amid fast-flowing traffic and great for swift overtakes.

The engine management system is controlled by CDI (Condenser Discharge Ignition), which assures easy starting, smooth throttle response and the feeling of power and performance right across the rev range.  A light action clutch and 5 speed gearbox, enable rapid and smooth gear changing and out on the open road  this bike will move quickly up through the box to fifth to make the most of the available speed.

Voted the ‘best in its class’ in a MCN test review when first launched, the KR Sport 125 is designed to provide young and novice riders the opportunity to own a fully faired, race styled, sports bike at an affordable price. Everything about the KR builds learner confidence, especially the low 780mm seat height, comfortable upright riding position that gives you a good view of the traffic ahead and ample steering lock for easy U-turns – the bane of the learner's life. Plus it is very easy to ride, handles well and has good brakes and light controls.

For added exhilaration, the KR Sport has been designed to keep weight to a minimum with a net weight of just 140kg and fundamental to its design is the lightweight steel / alloy frame, which maximises the machine’s power to weight ratio.  

Other features include: electric and kick-start, automatic choke, lockable under seat storage box for helmet, steering lock, rear carrier, centre and side stands.

The KR Sport 125 comes with a 2-year unlimited mileage manufacturer’s warranty.

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