The benefits of riding a motorcycle are practically endless: they are economical, environmentally friendly, easy to slip through rush-hour traffic, easier to store and park, and not least an absolute dream to ride on a hot sunny weekend. As a serious commuting option, be it inner city or out of town, we ensure our bikes are both willing and able to provide the power and perfomance you need - in any flavour you like - while still providing all the fun of life on two wheels.

It doesn't matter whether you've been riding for years or you're a complete beginner, our rides are excellent options at great value, and a wonderful introduction to motorcycles.

  WK  125R  £1799.00 OTR  (2 Colour Options)

  WK SP125N  £2499.00 OTR  (3 Colour Options)

WK TR 650 EFi £5399.00 OTR (4 Colour Options)

   WK  125 SPORT£1999.00  OTR (2 Colour Options)

WK SP50 £1899.00 OTR (2 Colour Options)

 LEXMOTO XTR S125 £1399.00 OTR (3 Colour Options)          


WK SP125 £2499.00 OTR/250cc Version £2899.00 OTR

(2 Colour Options) 

PULSE ADRENALINE 125 £1599.00 OTR (3 Colour Options)

 250cc VERSION In BLACK £1999.00+ OTR 

 LEXMOTO ARROW 125cc £1099.00  OTR

(2 Colour Options)

 LEXMOTO RANGER 125cc £1499.00 OTR

(2 Colour Options)

                       LEXMOTO ARIZONA 125cc £1199.00 OTR  

(2 Colour Options)

 LEXMOTO VIXEN 125cc £1099.00 OTR

(2 Colour Options)

 LEXMOTO ZSX125cc £1599.00 OTR  

(2 Colour Options)


(3 Colour Options)  

    SINNIS STEALTH 125cc £1899.00 OTR 

(3 Colour Options)

   SINNIS TRACK STAR 125cc £1699.00 OTR 

 SINNIS CAFE 125cc £1749.00 OTR 

 SINNIS RETROSTAR 125cc £1699.00 OTR 



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