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Build Your Own Show Plates  


  • UK Standard Legal Number Plates
  • Size: 520mm x 111mm
  • Front registration plates are standard White and Rear number plates are standard Yellow
  • Complies to BS AU 145d Standards:-
    • MOT and Road legal;
    • Legal Number Plates are manufactured to correct current regulations including correct spacing and legal font and shows suppliers name and postcode and BS Mark
  • Car Number Registration Plates manufactured in-house to the highest quality BS standard materials.
  • Side Badges (if chosen) will appear on the left hand side and will have a standard blue background ensuring your legal number plates are legal.
  • SHOW PLATE Examples

    See some of our stunning number plate examples below. We can make virtually any style of plate you require from show plates, standard car number plates, Pre-1973 black and silver plates, irish plates and lots more. If you can't find what you're looking for simply contact us and we'll call you straight back to help. 



    Any plates purchased from Lynx Scooters are sold as SHOW PLATES and are for off road usage only. If you choose to buy a plate that resembles a legal plate a subsequently use this on your vehicle we can accept no responsibility for this in any form.

    Lynx Scooters accepts no responsibility for any legal action in the miss-use of number plates. Plates that have digits, pacing or sizes of letter altered in any way are actually ILLEGAL FOR HIGHWAY USE, and are produced for SHOW PURPOSE ONLY!

    Legal Requirements placed on us:

    We keep a detailed record of all number plates that are made and the details of the person who has bought them, we will fully co-operate with the authorities if the number plates are used for illegal purposes.

    It is the customer's responsibility to make themselves aware of the regulations regarding number plates, these can be found on the DVLA

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